Pizza is an artisanal product, so it could be slightly different from pizzeria to pizzeria.

2.The Dough

The dough is made with just water, salt, yeast and flour and is left to proof for at least 8 hours.

3. Stretching

The disk of dough is stretched exclusively by hand. This technique moves the air from the centre outwards so that the edge stays more puffy and will form the crust with the cooking.

4. Toppings

The products used have to be preferably from Campania.

  • The peeled tomato crushed by hand doesn't have to look too dense but chunky. In case of fresh tomato, it has to be chopped in slices.

  • The buffalo mozzarella (chopped in slices) or the fior di latte (chopped into strips) have to be spread uniformly on the pizza.

  • The fresh basil leaves are just put on the condiments. The extra vergin olive oil is poured with a spiral motion.

Besides the Margherita and the Marinara other kinds of pizza are allowed as long as they meet the AVPN regulation and the Italian gastronomy.

5. Cooking

The pizza must be cooked in a wood-fired oven, and not using a baking pan, for 60-90 seconds.

6.Cooking Quality

The pizza has to be easy to fold (a libretto). The crust has to be 1-2 cm high, even and puffed up. Its color should be golden and with a very few burns and bubbles. Lifting one side of the pizza, and seeing the part underneath check if it is golden and without strong burns.

7. The Apperance

The pizza should be round, with a diameter non greater than 35 cm, the crust has to be puffed up, while the center has to be max 4 mm thick. The red of the tomato stands out in the middle and blends with the oil and with the green of the oregano and the white of the garlic in the Marinara, and with the white of the mozzarella and the green of the basil leaves in the Margherita.

8. The Aroma

When the pizza is just taken out of the oven, it should have:

  • an intense smell of baked bread

  • a slightly acid scent of tomatoes and mozzarella

  • a fruity and spicy flavor coming from the oil and the garlic

  • a fresh and "grassy" flavor of the basil and the oregano.

9. The Harmony of Taste

The pizza has an intense and balanced flavor, the aroma of the baked bread blends with the slightly acid flavor of tomato, with the savory mozzarella, the fresh basil and with the bitter and spicy tastes of oil and garlic.

10. ORO

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